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We received the following poem from Shirley Kacmarik with a note about enjoying the art on our website, and wanting to share her art of words - of poetry - with us. When I read the poem, I felt an uplifting of my spirit, and asked if we could post the poem to share with with all our visitors. Shirley graciously gave her permission, adding "Too often in life it is easier to stay where we are than risk venturing into an unknown place, but it is in the unknown places where we expand our horizons and our knowledge of all that life has to offer." Thank you, Shirley, for helping us see opportunities in the unknown, with this beautiful poem.

Another Room
by Shirley Hodge Kacmarik

I came upon a path one day that led into the wood
starting at the meadow's edge in front of where I stood
covered with the detritus and droppings of last fall
it was really hard to know if it was truly there at all.

Standing in the meadow the world is bright and clear
wildflowers bloom, rabbits run and birdsong I can hear
but just a step away is a world where shadows dwell,
where mysteries and muses cast a melancholy spell.

Now why, I thought would anyone leave this warm and light washed place
to walk along a path into a gray and unknown space
yet something in my spirit/heart bade me walk into that wood
even as my prudent mind questioned if I should.

Once inside I realized that it was just another room
where swaying muted light drew mosiacs in the air
and the canopy above my head shut out the sun's harsh glare,
and ever since that time when I find an unknown space
it beckons to my spirit/heart to enter its embrace.

© 2001 Shirley Hodge Kacmarik