Acacia Artisans is Native American artistry in silver, shell, quill and bead work. Southwest home decor. Hand cast and hand painted decorative wall plaques, clocks, ceramics. Other unusual handmade and hand crafted folk-art. Southwest artisanal foods and candies.

YOU Dit It! YOU Wrote It!
YOU Asked It!

This is an interactive series featuring YOU! It can include pictures, projects, articles, questions and answers, how to tips, full instructions for projects such as the Mantle Clock, writings such as the poem "Another Room" or YOU name it.

You are welcome to download instructions, make comments and suggestions, and tell all our friends of your unique ideas, problems and successes. You are also invited to ask questions and to send answers to questions that appear here. Please remember that all material submitted should be "G" rated, as this is a family oriented website. Anyway, have fun with our "You You You" section.

Kokopelli Mantle Clock
by Jim Bridges

by Shirley Hodge Kacmarik

Another Room
A Matter of Taste