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First Mother, First Father

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Klouskap and the Origin of the Penobscot

as told by
Jason Keith Brown, Rabbit Clan

After having helped the Creator bring forth the Penobscot, Klouskap realized these children needed guidance. He was a very powerful medicine man, but he could only do so much. These children needed to know a mother's sweet, tender love, and they also needed to know a father's strength and honor.

It was decided by forces too powerful for you and I to comprehend that a First Mother and First Father would be created. From the morning dew that collects on all the sacred plants of this earth, First Mother was created. From sea foam of the powerful ocean, First Father was created. Together, they set out to nurture and protect their Penobscot children with the powerful guidance of Klouskap.

For many years the Penobscot lived in their sacred lands, hunting, fishing, learning, and surviving. What a beautiful world they lived in but, just as fast as good things will come to you, they will also leave. Over some period of time, a drought had started in the Penobscot's land and only progressed to the point of desperation. First Mother saw that many of her children were dying, too weak from not having any food to eat. From the power and knowledge of her motherhood, she knew what she had to do.

First Father was called home by his wife. He already felt in his heart that something was about to happen, something that would take all of his strength! He found his beautiful wife alone, sitting in the dim light of a small fire......

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