Galatic Restaurant



1 lb Black beans
1 lg Bell pepper (green), chopped fine
1 med Red onion, chopped fine
14 oz Chunky salsa (Use Herdez Salsa Casera, or Pace, etc)
Mrs. Dash to taste (I used Spicy)


Soak the beans overnight and drain. Cook the beans in water until they are done tender but not mushy, by starting them in hot water. Add hot water once in awhile as needed to keep the beans covered while they cook. When tender, remove from heat and drain the excess water and discard.

Mix the salsa, green pepper and red onion with the hot beans. Add Spicy Mrs. Dash to taste. Do not cook any longer. Refrigerate until cold, or overnight to blend flavors. Serve cold with chips as a salsa or as a side dish with meat or fish.

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