Acacia Artisans is Native American artistry in silver, shell, quill and bead work. Southwest home decor. Hand cast and hand painted decorative wall plaques, clocks, ceramics. Other unusual handmade and hand crafted folk-art. Southwest artisanal foods and candies.

by Teissedre Designs

Large Painted Turtle Story Teller

Large Jewel Tone Turtle Story Teller

Jewel Tone Apache Style Woman Storyteller

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Jewel Tone Quail Storyteller

Painted Bear Storyteller

Teissedre Designs handpaints these beautiful ceramic dolls. The Storyteller figure represents Indian mothers, fathers, and grandparents telling stories to their children in the interest of keeping and preserving their cultural traditions and history. These storytellers have become a treasured purchase by collectors and miniature enthusiasts the world over. Cleo Teissedre, well known for her art tiles and Indian sculptures, has made storytellers a true collectable.

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