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Copper Patina Old Pueblo Half Pot Light Sconce
by Stone Canyon Designs

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 Half Pot Light Sconce Copper Patina Old Pueblo Half Pot Light Sconce $21.00 each.

 Light Fixture $4.50 each.

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The Copper Patina Old Pueblo Half Pot light sconce by Stone Canyon Designs adds a distinctive accent to any room or patio. This also can be mounted without the light fixture as a wall decoration. Made of hydrostone, it is individually hand cast and hand painted. Available without the light fixture, each includes mounting instructions. As with any hand made article, there will be slight variations from piece to piece.
Measures 10.5" wide x 9.5" tall and is 6" in depth.

Optional Light Fixture
Shipping Weight
Half Pot Sconce 7 lbs
Light Fixture 1.5 lbs

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