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White Tepary Beans
by Ramona Farms

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 one pound bag White Tepary Beans $5.15 each.

 two pound bag White Tepary Beans $8.40 each.

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Sweet flavored bean - flavorful alternative to navy beans. Nutrient packed and delicious. Try our heritage tepary bean. This ancient superfood of the Sonoran Desert has sustained the O'odham people for centuries. Highly acclaimed for it's nutritional value the Stotoah Bavi (white tepary bean) is noted for its unique and delicious naturally sweet yet savory flavor and creamy texture.

This prized heirloom bean has been handed down for countless generations among the Akimel O'odham (River People, Pima) and their cousins the Tohono O'odham (Desert People).

The bavi or tepary bean is the most drought adapted species of bean in the world.

High in soluble and insoluble fiber and protein and a low glycemic index food.

21 grams of protein in a 1/2 cup!

One pound bag

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