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Traditional Penobscot Cornhusk Dolls
by Rose Gallery

Traditional Penobscot Cornhusk Doll B

Penobscot Cornhusk Doll F

by Kathy Brown
Penobscot Indian Nation, Maine
Enrollment #00116

Cornhusk dolls have long been a traditional toy of Penobscot children as well as many different American Indian children across the land. These dolls represent days of old when life was full of simple pleasures and creativity and culture were one and the same.

Each doll starts as raw materials which are painstakingly fashioned by hand into one of a kind collectibles. You will find that no two dolls are alike, and each one has its own spirit and personality. Every doll comes with a certificate of authenticity and is marked and dated by the artist. These dolls are sold on a first come first serve basis.

Dressed in the regalia of a Penobscot woman, each doll stands proudly on her Birch stand as a reminder of cultural tradition.

Please welcome these little people into your collection and enjoy them as much as the artist enjoys creating them.

Ingredients: Cornhusks, fabric and ribbon, antique mother of pearl buttons, glass beads. Stand is hand cut from Birch trees.

Each doll approximately 10 inches tall with stand.