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The Rest of the Story
by Carol Locust

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Published in the United States
by U.S. Press and Graphics, Tucson
Copyright 2004 by Carol Locust

Ettore "Ted" DeGrazia

The most reproduced artist in the world, yet with all his fame, he wanted to be known as a human being. He was capable of triumphant creativity, and he made mistakes. He did not want to be considered precious. He was delighted to give autographs but felt he could serve more people by painting. He wanted to be notorious and macho, and he knew that someday it would come to an end.

The Rest of the Story is a biography of Ted DeGrazia. DeGrazia achieved fame and world recognition for his artwork depicting the American southwest. Coming from a poor mining family, DeGrazia created artwork that reached millions of people, and he remains today the most reproduced artist in the world, yet the true story of his life remained untold until now.

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