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About Batik

Dragon Tile

The basic process of Chinese batik, which is nearly 1000 years old, is that patterns or designs are painted on white cloth with warm beeswax, using a special knife. When the artist finishes the painting, the cloth is dyed. The wax protects the cloth so that when the artist removes the wax, the white design or painting is exposed. The original dye was indigo, which is made from a type of grass, and the original batik folkart was white designs on indigo.

In the batik process, cracks form patterns not controlled by the artisan. Cracks, according to Jun Ye, are the soul and life of batik art. Cracks play an important role in batik, just like cracks in murals. Thus the batik process is an ideal form to express ancient murals.

Many of the designs by Jun Ye are based on figures and stories of Chinese mythology and of Buddhism of China and Tibet. "The Bright Pearl in the Silk Road" and "Beast Pattern of Western Han Dynasty" wall hangings shown on our website are exquisite examples of his contemporary expression of this ancient folkart.

Modern Chinese batik art wall hangings incorporate a number of colors, and can be compared with oil paintings and wall murals. The modern batik process uses more colorfast dyes and the cloth used for the artwork on this website is closely woven 100% cotton, making possible many practical uses in daily life.

Besides using a batik wall hanging as an exciting focal point for a room, this handcrafted batik artwork may be used for tablecloths, placemats, table runners, curtain and valence panels, and similar uses. Some designs may lend themselves to wearable artwork such as shawls, kimono and sheath dresses, cardigan or bolero jackets, decorative aprons, and so on.

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