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About Jun Ye

Jun Ye

Jun Ye is a famous painter and designer in Shanghai, which is the biggest art center in China. As a graduate of the Department of Arts and Crafts of Shanghai University of Fine Arts, he became Director of Art and Design of the Fuyuan Batik Art Research Institute in GuiZhou, China.

He also collects Chinese Folk Artwork, having a high reputation in the art circle in China. Even as a student he was interested in the art of the Dunhuang Caves, near his birthplace in GanSu, and has developed a good understanding of this art. He spent holidays traveling remote areas of GuiZhou Province of southwest China to investigate and collect batik and other folk art.

His research indicates that the batik technique of bees wax dyeing originated more than 800 years ago, early in the Chin and Han dynasties, in this mountainous district inhabited by national minorities. Many years ago, some of these people emigrated to Indonesia and other countries in Southeast Asia, spreading the technique.

Jun Ye wants to protect and encourage Chinese folk art, and hopes the traditional art of Chinese batik can spread to the mainstream of U.S. society. In his own works, Jun Ye has taken the traditional skills and designs used for making batik to new artistic heights, with contemporary interpretations of this ancient Chinese folk art. He has created beautiful and fascinating designs, delicate and multicolored, which skilled artisans in village workshops in the GuiZhou Province of China execute for him in the centuries-old traditional batik process.

His work has been exhibited in Shanghai, Singapore and Seoul, and has won awards in Singapore and China. Since 1995 Mr. Ye has exhibited at the Art Gallery of Los Angeles, The Golden Bridge Art Center of San Gabriel, the Hsi Lai Buddhist Temple of Los Angeles, the Bruggermeyer Memorial Library of the City of Monterey Park, the Art Center of Waco, and the Plano Art Center in the Dallas area.

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