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Courtney Creations
by Little Bit

Plain light hardwood key chain

Plain striped grain hardwood key chain

Plain dark hardwood key chain

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Asymmetric laminated key chain

Asymmetric laminated belt buckle

Tim Courtney takes pleasure in working with hardwoods of all types, finding creative ways to use them. As a master bowman at a local archery plant, he has hand made bows and other unique items. In the early 80's he made the world's smallest functional compound bow, 1/16 scale. Tim now has a shop where he makes many different items, such as small pieces of antique furniture for doll houses. Wooden belt buckles and key chains made of exotic hardwoods are some of his creations. Living in a rural desert area with his wife and four children adds to his enjoyment of life.

"I like it out here with all the animals and plants of the desert."

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