Acacia Artisans is Native American artistry in silver, shell, quill and bead work. Southwest home decor. Hand cast and hand painted decorative wall plaques, clocks, ceramics. Other unusual handmade and hand crafted folk-art. Southwest artisanal foods and candies.

Displaying Wall Plaques

All Frontier Studio wall plaques must be securely mounted to prevent breakage. Each piece comes with a mounting method built into them on the back side. Except for the Wrap Lizards, all wall plaques come with one or more wire loops embedded in the back. The Wrap Lizards will have two angled holes in the back for mounting.

Locate where you would like to display your wall plaque on the wall or shelf. To do this hold the piece in the position it will be mounted in and using a pencil mark the location where the wire loop or angle hole will fall. Using a small headed nail and a hammer, drive the nail into the marked location at a downward angle. Leave about a half inch of the nail sticking out for the hanger.

If you want to mount a Wrap Lizard where you cannot use a nail, such as on your computer, use double sided tape between the lizard and the mounting surface. Be careful using this method as the weight of the lizard will ultimately break the hold of the tape and allow the lizard to fall. The tape method only works well when the tape is used to stabilize the lizard when the lizard is setting on a solid surface.