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Kokopelli Sugar Softie
by Designs by Monique

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 One Kokopelli Sugar Softie $2.77 each.

 Set of Three Kokopelli Sugar Softie $6.48 each.

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Softens Hard Brown Sugar, and keeps it soft. Never throw sugar away again. Handmade terra-cotta disks.

Also keeps cookies moist. Keeps dried fruits, Parmesan cheese, and shredded coconut soft. Keeps breads, popcorn, and even cigars fresh.

Each piece is an original because no two are exactly the same. Such is the nature of handmade products. Not all are absolutely flawless. Some, to the layman's eye, might have a teeny imperfection such as an indentation, a slight variation in color or rarely, the odd fingerprint, but they have a quality and style no machine can duplicate.
Measures 2.5" X 2.5" X .5"
Includes instructions for use.

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