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Pepper Patch Preserves
by Cheri's Desert Harvest

 $15.66 each.
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5 oz. jars of Green Chile Pepper Jelly, Red Chile Pepper Jelly, Jalapeno Jelly, and Habanero Jelly. A total of four 5oz jars.

Green Chile Pepper Jelly.
The mild chile flavor achieved by combining several hand-picked peppers yields a wonderful flavor compliment to poultry, meat and fish dishes.

Red Chile Pepper Jelly.
The medium heat is obtained by using just the right combinations of red sweet pimento peppers and red chiles to enhance any meat, poultry, or pork dish. It is also superb as a dip with cream cheese.

Jalapeno Jelly.
A combination of red chiles as well as three other types of chile peppers renders a heat level that awakens the taste buds and transforms an ordinary dish into a delectably spicy memory.

Habanero Jelly.
An eye opener and throat warmer, this hot jelly is for the connoisseur of deliciously hot preserves.

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