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Ten Speed Retroglyph Clock
by Christopher Crooks Designs

 $12.50 each.

This Retroglyph is approximately 9.5" in height and 9.5" in width. Each piece is made from hand cast plaster that is impact and chip resistant. A large hanging recess is molded into the back for wall mounting. Requires 1 "AA" battery.

Shipping Weight 3 lbs

About Retroglyphs

Recently, a team of archeologists unearthed a remarkable find at a dig located at Venice Beach, California. What appears to be repository for a very large collection of petroglyphs was found some fifty feet beneath the surface, at the beginning of a tunnel plunging deep within the Earth. Upon further investigation, the tunnel was found to lead to a massive complex of tidal caves, which, from carbon dating, seems to have been inhabited between 2100 and 2500 years ago. For some unknown reason, it was abandoned seemingly over night. We can only speculate as to why these cave dwellers left, though evidence of a violent struggle is indicated by the chaos of the debris field, and the vandalism of living structures. The most striking aspect of the site is the removal of the petroglyphs that covered nearly every reachable surface of the cave walls. One wonders why, after going through so much trouble, these artifacts were left behind at the cave entrance, carefully stacked and organized. And, of course, the greatest mystery is that they seem to depict, through a primitives eyes, a civilization at least as advanced as our own, with many of the same cultural influences.

Some have theorized that a superior race lived here for a time and used these natives as servants or slaves. That the Kokopelli traveled throughout the southwest, and would use his flute to somehow wipe the peoples memories clean, leaving them with just the image of the flute playing Kokopelli.

A wide array of subject matter is represented in the collection. Everything from sports to entertainment to social commentary is painstakingly etched in stone. If you look carefully, you will notice the stone curves towards you at the top, as the surface of the wall would have curved up and over your head to form the cave ceiling. You can also see marks the chisel left behind when the stone was stripped from the wall. Some of the images were part of a larger tableau, and you sometimes have hints of a larger picture captured on your piece. The ancient artists also liked to work the natural rock formations into their compositions.

Because of our expertise in the field, Christopher Crooks Designs was awarded the contract to reproduce the RETROGLYPHS collection. Though the initial offering is small, we will introduce more pieces on a steady basis.

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